I am the mother of a 14 years old daughter, when she was 7 she was diagnosed with ADHD. When she was 12 a children's orthopedist found she has scoliosis.

The orthopedist opinion was that she needed Physiotherapy for scoliosis. I debated what to do and I received recommendation of Dr. Gilad Schafman, who at my surprise established a warm connection with my daughter already at the first meeting, what enabled her as a teenager to feel comfortable and relaxed in the sessions. Dr. Schafman worked on two issues, one is ADD and the other is the scoliosis.

There were many exercises my daughter was asked to do at home, some of them were to improve posture and some to help with concentration. And I know from my daughter who defined Gilad Schafman not only as a good practitioner but also as a person who created much trust, by sharing things from his life she was able to share her own issues and receive many tips for her life.

After 10 sessions we went back to the orthopedist and asked for another X-Ray.

To my surprise as well as the orthopedist who was skeptic with my choice of treatment which is unconventional the scoliosis has completely disappeared.

Dec 27 09

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend with extreme warmth Gilad Schafman. I have known Gilad for over 12 years.

Our acquaintance has touched several areas which I will address in this letter.

 I first met Gilad after a back surgery that failed which I remained unable to function and very much degenerated after being one year in bed. I was completely desperate since the doctors pretty much not try to help any more. Gilad in an extremely unusual way (and I have been to many therapists before and after working with him) both planes of the body and the mind. With a lot of determination and love he walked me to a place I never reached. To recognize it’s pain and most important to take responsibility of my part in my life’s trauma. No one has dared to tell me that earlier and it was so difficult and so constructing. He was there with me at the most painful and difficult places until I was ready to internalize things and for the first time in my life reach a place of happiness and real livelihood from within and not because it is demanded from all people on the outside. Such joy, I did not believe existed in me. These were two years of ups and downs and there he was in a way that so characterizes him, took responsibility and was with me until I could “keep going” without a need for medications or hospitalizations. It is important to say that due to our acquaintance and his amazing therapeutic ability I change my direction in life from doing my MA in psychology to complementary medicine – I was so impressed with his ability to work with emotional pain through the body and lead the way even when I was completely desperate, and his compliance to me day and night.

After the rehabilitation I did with Gilad I changed direction to complimentary medicine and took Swedish massage class with him, again I was amazed at his ability to take simple massage and teach it like a music lesson – and again give me all that he knows without keeping secrets like I have seen with other teachers in this field and other fields as well. Till today even though I am done with therapy with him when I face important junctions in my life or painful places I call him and always find an attentive person caring and trying to help me reach the best for me. I did not see another therapist put so much in such a way. And to the best of my knowledge even students who have graduated years ago can ask for help.

Even today after having learned and gone through various therapies I know that my work with Gilad having received the support and touching the spirit in such a    way of Gilad, gave me the ability to start a new life. A life of functioning and ability and much more than that to believe in the good within me and in the world. I have no doubt that without him I would still be stuck in the hard and horrible place I was. For no therapist could contain the me and the pain I was in and they would just disappear or not take responsibility to begin with. Gilad Gave me the basis that was so missing and then I could walk in any direction I wanted. Without the basics I would not exist literary today.


Later on I taught with Gilad for several years, assisted and even was a co teacher in the practical application of the Neuro Developmental Functional Approach (NDFA) of the senior psychologist Rami Kats and was the assistant in a Swedish massage course at Medika College. There I met an incredible teacher who takes a group of students without any approach to the subject and gently with seeing each and every one leading to the professionalization of the people – physically and emotionally. Gilad has a unique ability, which I saw when he treated me and mainly as we were teaching together, to literary “read” the person in front of him and know how to talk to him in a way that will help him open up and reach his potential within. He is not afraid to confront people with the “games they are playing” to help them grow and again he does not leave them alone but helps and supports. The students he trains as therapists are different than other therapist I came across, they not only touch the body, they know how to touch the mind through the body.

Gilad teaches in a very different way and gives all that he knows and believes. He is not ashamed to be vulnerable and exposed, has no difficulty to admit that he was wrong or that he does not know something – an ability I today as a teacher know how difficult it can be. This put him in the front line of teachers in complimentary medicine.

To conclude Gilad is a person with really exceptional abilities both professionally and devotionally, taking responsibility that is non existent in many therapists in these professions and I really recommend him warmly.



March 23 2013

To whom it may concern

I am a student at Educating Hands School of Massage. I am writing about Dr. Gilad Schafman Msc.D. LMT. He is my teacher for Kinesiology and Palpation and Massage. Gilad is an amazing teacher as well and a human being. He brings humor with knowledge. He is sensitive and extremely supportive of the learning process of his student bringing them to succeed. Since English is not my first language Gilad made sure that every question I had and was patient and aware to my learning needs. Gilad is an inspiration both as a massage therapist and a human being. His therapeutic abilities are of the best that can be found. Gilad helped me with an injury I had with my foot. This injury has debilitated me for two months and his work allowed me to go back to dance. It is my intention to bring Gilad to my country for lectures and therapy for his outstanding work.

Oct 1 2013

 I am a single mother of two. I have much burden in my life with taking care of my family and myself. I am writing on the behalf of Dr. GIlad Schafman Msc.D. LMT as he has been a miracle in my life.

Dr. Schafman is an outstanding one.

Renowned as a leader therapist in the field and one of the best to be found, Dr. Schafman is an amazing human being with a vast amount of knowledge that has been transforming my life. My posture has been improving since, pains are becoming a mere shade of themselves, without a diet change nor previousintention I'm experiencing weight loss, and the yoga lessons taught by him are wisely designed to support the treatment given to me, so that all together, along with the special gym exercise are sourcing from holistic point of view which influenced me to stop smoking. The treatment is far reaching than any text book and enabled me a profound change.

As I am at a turning point in my carrier I started massage studies with Dr. Schafman. Every lesson is an experience full of learning and knowledge. I am not only studying with one of the best teachers available, I am having a teacher for life as his teaching goes beyond massage only, and his wholesome approach to life changed my perspective and behavior. He is a master of body mechanics and his developments in the field are opening new ways to deal with pain. Gentle Corrective Stimuli is technology in therapy that shifts pain in minutes without hurting the client and seems like magic.

I recommend Dr. Schafman: a human being, a therapist, a teacher and a leader in the field, with high moral standards which are rare to be found. I will miss him and his work and know for sure that wherever he is he will continue to impact people’s lives and help them in their life journey.  I could only add sadly that our loss is you're true gain.


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