Structural Integration (Rolfin)

Whether you want to improve your posture, performance, confidence Structural Integration (Rolfing) is beneficial for you. Teenagers usually go through a personal transformation. Athletes report on reduced injuries and improved abilities. Give yourself the gift of a life time and go through the process that connects you to your inner core.

Balancing the senses the Neuro Developmental Functional Approach Thearay

Balancing your senses is important at any age. Children enjoy better learning skills. Adults better concentration and focus and seniors regaining and restoring function and motion that effect all faces of life.

The Frequency Coaching

“The Frequency” is the next generation in coaching.  It is a custom tailored approach designed to discover who you are by exploring your core innate qualities and tendencies.

A life changing process that takes you towards the things you want in life through self-discovery, understanding the inner barriers and leaning how to move past them in a gentle and powerful way.

Emotional Bodywork

Emotions get stored in the tissues. Unresolved events and traumas just wait in the body. In the meanwhile that is reducing the health of the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All the energy that we are not aware of is going to sustain that stuck element in our body. This work helps you release that clogged energy and regain those parts to be whole again.

Professional training:

Balancing The Senses - The Neuro Developmental Functional Approach Therapy (NDFA), Introduction, Therapist, Teacher

Correct Body Mechanics for Therapists (Massage Therapists, Skin care Therapists, Physiotherapists)

Emotional Release Bodywork

Forgiveness in the Session Room

GCS - Gentle Corrective Stimuli

MyoFascial Techniques

Massage Basics in Holistic Approach

Advanced Therapeutic massage

Basics of Non Violent Communication


Whether you want to indulge in a relaxing massage or need to bring your body and life into a better balance we have the right session for you.

Just call and tell us what you need.

The session that is right for you!

Theraputic Massage

Whether you have pain, injury, need to rehabilitate we have a way for you. The work can reduce pain, increase range of movement, shorten healing time significantly and bring your body to a better place with more ease and less pain. The same way our cars need maintenance our body need fine tuning and alignment to keep it running optimally.

Our services

Relaxation Massage

If you need to let go, nurture your body and soul and want to enjoy a session that take away the tension and helps you reenergize and feel your body in a way that has a taste for more.

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